About Us

sa-logo-gorillaSo, what’s a Sophisticated Ape?

We all are!

We humans have developed a complex culture full of rich history and technological advances. Art, science, religion, literature, music, space exploration, the Internet, to name a few. But the way we treat each other and our fellow Earthlings, we might as well still be knuckle-dragging apes of the savannah. For all we’ve done during our brief time here, we’re really just Sophisticated Apes.

About Sophisticated Ape

Sophisticated Ape is an arts zine and a multimedia company specializing in music and scripts for film, television, commercials, video games and any media-based projects. The arts zine focuses on experimental and avant-garde art, literature and music.

Submit your music, art, and literature to us.

We handle all aspects of music production from composition to performance to mixing and mastering. Our scripts have appeared in commercials that have circulated on local networks and films that are currently in production. We believe our portfolio speaks for itself.

Oh yeah, and we do some t-shirt designs, too. You know, just because.