Portrait of Prince B. D.

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A space is not spent, it is not used, it is similar, it is represented. This shows no more than a latitude which running through the center makes the surrounding. The space is not placed, it is presented, that is the relation of the similar settlement. To settle upon and to settle under shows more than the similar circle it shows the degree which makes more similarity than that, it sinks higher and there is no roar. The section and there is a section, the section means that penetration resembles distance, it supplies the drop and it selects no sightless system.

The incident that succumbs is the one that is early. The lateness is not tending to define a definite darkness, it does not shine and since that time there is a large light. The western windless is not the same as the white wind. The white wind has no poise. There is a diamond. A diamond is a treasure. If a treasure is that color then there is a resemblance.

A trade between the one who has a hat and one who has a hat is such that there is no hiatus. The one who has had a hat is the one who adds that. The one who is the one that has that is that one adding that thing. No neglecting and adding, no single safety silent disturbing, no neglect and no glass is there to pass away and stay. It sees the solid sight and that which is not bright is white, that which is single is resembling and so it comes that when there is a show a way to pass into the recent glow means more fire. A fine color is red and green and purple and rose and yellow, a fine color resembles the continuation. Any fine color is in a glass. A glass to resist must be a glass to pass. This shows no shadow. This shows no scratch.

A change is measured, a card is unmeasured. There is a return of much more. Stupor is not in winning a climate. It is lost in the remembrance of poisoning. The list of a result in stretching a building does not make any mark. The wheel is there. The trend is not behind a back. It is in the window of a fenestra. The blending is distinct interspreading. This is not the measure of wind. The return is not so, it is occupied. The rest is arisen.

There is no height. If there is there is wind. There is wind. Height shrinks below and settlement is not soluble. The erection of yellow is no violence. The five are won. Single, same, purple, blue, circle. The last which section has the reverse resemblance has no moment and there is a tendency which in the rising of the setting sun means new arising.

To shine and whine, to shatter and shrink, to collect and settle, to stir and suck, to lose violence and select simultaneity, to see that the whole exception is not arrested and to satiate the lines of resemblance, this and no more is underdone. The public and pilot, all the shining land and the wind and no neglect, all this does not mean that there is no denial. It has been there the same result of no intended excavation, it has been there and that exception planted no resemblance has a moment, none and the illustration is planted and the time is placed.

So then there is no secret. A secret means that when there is a thing there is nothing and if there is nothing then there is no addition. A sum is not sacrificed.

Handing a lizard to any one is a green thing receiving a curtain. The change is not present and the sensible way to have agony is not precautious. Then the shirting is extreme and there is a lilac smell and no ginger. Halt and suggest a leaf which has no circle and no singular center, this has that show and does judge that there is a need of moving toward the equal height of a hot sinking center and surface. Then there is a space, then there is exception, then there is no reason why a pound should be smaller and all the time there is the courage and the mint and the repeating result that surely if there has been a change there has not been a fire. Surely a fire is famous and a famous fire is in the fire. Surely no more special spending shows anything. And yet if there is no wind there is no haste and if there is no haste why is twenty older than thirty and thirty older than twenty-eight, why is it and why is there no mistake. There is no mistake because there is the time and the accusation is indented and this makes enough so that clouding does not make a cemetery. A surprise is not in sight. This is the sentence present. There is no danger and the silent height is so high that sound rises higher. This does not make sound infamous, it does not shatter a conclusion. Nothing is hollow in water, nothing is high in air, nothing is louder and nothing is perpendicular. The establishment is thorough. A chance shows a bright blue sound, a chance is the same wind out of a window.

A Persian kitten is a purring kitten. The safety that comes is so gathered that there can be news. One oak and more oaks and the training of water this means that a color attracts a signal it means that the result of a certain well is seen by there being no extra example of a kind of closet. In the beginning when there is no rising and resisting and letting a singular section of the whole rise together, in the beginning the imparting actual relation to a time of surfaces does show that there is an origin of originating. In showing this there is no repair. There is a whole half of a turtle and the presence of more is not rope, it is not and certainly is so wise that fever is fainting. This is this. Then there is that and the singular example is not predicted by resting in more contraction. Not very and what is then to be extending is the whole place with filling. Filling is not spreading. The size is not that it is not proportioned to the moon and the lantern, it is fully proportioned together and aroused and interested. This made no measure and no misery and no murder. There is no acute trimming nor trembling. So then there is that thing. This is not that silent thing. This is not the thing that is anything. This is the thing that is that thing.

A large moist blue and a paler color, a large dust rose and no water nearer, a small tall frame and no building finer this makes a prediction that necessity is work and then why is there no question. There is no question because investigation is miraculous.

Companion art: ‘New Life, Born of the Islands’ by Marguerite Blasingame

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