...'[T]oday's' dissonance in painting and music is merely the consonance of 'tomorrow'.


I toss my heels up to my head...
That was a bird I heard say glunk
As I walked statelily through my extensive, expensive English country estate
In a pink brocade with silver buttons, a purple passementerie cut with panniers, a train, and faced with watered silk:

But it
Is dead now!
(The bird)
Probably putrescent
And green....

I scrabble my toes...

Companion art: "The Garden of Earthly Delights", central panel - Detail Bird and Man riding a duck, by Hieronymus Bosch

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Film Music Cue – “Pirates Lurking/Love Theme”

Here is a cue that would fit as the credits music to an adventure movie like “Pirates of the Caribbean.” It’s dark and mysterious, but transitions to a love theme in the middle before returning to the main theme.

Film Music Cue – “The Sport of War”

This theme was composed for 3IPC’s “Fairy Fight,” a short film submitted to the Five Day Film Fest in 2016. It’s a classic battle theme that might whip the troops into a frenzy.

NEW RELEASE! The Object of My Perversion by Grandpa’s Panties

Grandpa’s Panties is John’s music project. The Object of My Perversion is an EP of odds and ends that he was kicking around while learning audio engineering. You can download the tracks for free from SoundCloud. More info: http://grandpaspanties.com/


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