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Sophisticated Ape Radio should start playing automatically. If it’s too low, check the volume in the player.

Sophisticated Ape Radio can be found in iTunes under Library > Internet Radio > Eclectic.

Here are links to stream in your favorite player.

Sophisticated Ape Radio can also be found on:


streamfinder streaming radio list

internet-radio streaming radio list

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Artists in Rotation

Grandpa’s Panties
The Little Lettuce Heads
The War Orphans
Jared C. Balogh
Nate Marks
Tohpati Ethnomission
Doug Munro
Chewbacca’s Sac
Steve Kozak Band
Tom Rizzo
Devon Allman
Barley Station
Boogie Patrol
Jason Buie Band
Voice of Addiction
Sundown Delay
Jason Kao Hwang
Cold Catatonic
Todd Taylor
The Liberation Music Collective
Howard Johnson & Gravity
Dave Stryker
Kim Smith
Jen Siukola
Blue Helix
Maciej Żołnowski
Verity White
King Llama
Roast Dog

…and many more

streamfinder streaming radio list