If new art is born, it will be born out of disgust.

The Lovers

Thirty feet tall.
Each of them a house
Of love.

Pale pachyderm legs
Hold fast to fickle Earth
While crooked bones rise like prayers
That ache for Heaven.

Flush, ablush,
She cranes to the moon,
And he kisses her neck
Right along the trench
That bubbles with her rising sap.

Companion Art: "The Lovers," adapted by John Farley. Original image

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Film Cue – Action Sequence Sketch

Here’s an action sequence sketch we put together for a filmmaker. While the filmmaker said he liked the sketch, we were just a bit late submitting. If you would like to use this or something like it, feel free to contact us.

“Shanklish,” by The War Orphans, Debuts on Argali Records Compilation

The War Orphans, a band on the Sophisticated Ape roster,  debuted their experimental composition, “Shanklish,” on a compilation called “Dream Topography,” put out by Argali Records. It was a reaction to atrocities in Syria. It’s dark and noisy and brutally fun. We think it lies somewhere between early Butthole Surfers and John Zorn’s Painkiller. Check … Continue reading “Shanklish,” by The War Orphans, Debuts on Argali Records Compilation

New Single – The Shart, by The Little Lettuce Heads

This horn-heavy funk track is the first single from The Little Lettuce Heads. The Little Lettuce Heads are the latest addition to the Sophisticated Ape roster. Lettuces unwittingly provided by liz west, green.thumbs, Farmanac


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