The War Orphans

The War Orphans are another invention of composer/guitar player John Farley. The War Orphans play brutal experimental rock with a strong political bent. Their first single, “Shanklish,” was released on a compilation put out by Argali Records Net Label. The track was composed as a reaction to atrocities in Syria. The compilation is called “Dream Topography,” and it is available for name-your-price download here:



The Little Lettuce Heads

The Little Lettuce Heads were concocted in the skewed brain of composer/guitar player John Farley. The Little Lettuce Heads are the funk/world fusion plank of the Sophisticated Ape roster. They are trying constantly to meld the ghosts of music past and present to change the future of sound. They’ve released one single, “The Shart,” and are working on an EP of New Orleans music called NOLA.


Grandpa’s Panties

Grandpa’s Panties are the brain child of composer/guitar player John Farley, and the first band on the Sophisticated Ape roster. Grandpa’s Panties combine artifacts from all imaginable (and unimaginable) genres with a heavy dose of humor in their refreshing and original sound. They’ve put out one EP, The Object of My Perversion, and released another single, “Panspermia,” from the forthcoming “Portrait of a Fucking Champion.”


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